3 Brands that have maximized Design and Storytelling in the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • by David Woruka
  • May 05, 2020
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We entered into the new decade with high hopes and good cheer. We reflected on the past ten years and made projections for the next ten. The plane for brands was set for smooth sailing, but the COVID-19 pandemic struck and uncertainties ravaged the majority of economic sectors, pushing some sectors to the brink of breaking down.

With the number of country lockdowns on the rise, it’s no longer business as usual — business outlets are being shut down, sales are on the decline and market valuations of some renowned brands have significatntly dropped.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is raging like wildfire across the globe and the future remains uncertain for enterprises and industries, quite a number of brands have stayed optimistic through these uncertain times.

Here are 3 Brands that have maximized Design and Storytelling in the COVID-19 Pandemic

These three brands have shown optimism and solidarity in the COVID-19 pandemic using the power of design communication and storytelling while also staying true to their brand values.


Audi has been at the top of their communication game since the beginning of the global crises. The German automobile giant rolled out the #AudiTogether campaign sometime in March. The campaign is aimed at showing solidarity in the pandemic while also engaging their audience.

From encouraging social distancing by separating the rings on their logo to creating creative challenges to strengthen oneness, Audi has been a brand to we can easily fall in love with during this outbreak.

In light of the #AudiTogether campaign, they created the #FourRingsChallenge which required people around the globe to make their own versions of the iconic Audi Rings. The campaign had submissions from thousands of people worldwide. The challenge even had a submission from their long term competitor, Mercedes AMG.


Even before the pandemic struck, Coca-Cola has always been brand that is loved by all globally and they have not failed to continue in that stead to show their support during the outbreak.

The image of a Coca-Cola billboard advert in New York Times Square promoting social distancing surfaced on the web and made its rounds. The ad had the letters on the Coca Cola logo spaced apart with the following words written beneath it, “Staying apart is the best way to stay united”.

Image Source: www.campaignlive.com

Sometime in March, the EU division of the soda brand announced on its official Instagram page that they will put all commercial advertising of their products on hold until further notice. This announcement was in solidarity of the fight against COVID-19 and they have since actively created content around the pandemic.

The Nigerian division of the soda brand is not left out — A solidarity concert in partnership with Global Citizen was promoted locally as well in addition to campaigns with the spaced-apart Coca Cola logo that have been promoted across social media platforms.


Nike has always been a source of inspiration for many, creating campaigns that inspire their audience. In these dark times, they are still keeping the ball rolling.

Though Nike did not alter its logo, they promoted a campaign to encourage people to stay at home. The campaign was tagged #PlayForTheWorld, featured some of the brand’s ambassadors including basketball superstar LeBron James.

Nike also offered its Nike Training Club Premium (NTC Premium) services with over 185 online workouts for all fitness levels for free in the U.S.

Image Source: www.appsapkmarket.com


In these trying times we have seen how brands have leveraged on design and storytelling in making the world a better place while also living out their fundamental brand truths in on-ground support for their communities.

We find ourselves in times where the need to stay united has never been more important for us as a global community. If there’s a time to leverage on storytelling and design communication, that time is NOW!

My colleagues and I at Futuresoft are on ground to help you shine a light on your community using innovative design and communication strategies.

Leave a comment and let us know how we can work with you to maintain and build your brand’s equity in these uncertain times.


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