Is Brand Storytelling Important?

  • by Miracle Ewim
  • Jul 31, 2019
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3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Brand Story


1) It Makes Customers Emotionally Attached to Your Product:

Case Study: GoNutz West African Cashew Nuts by Foodpro Group

During our early days, as I walked the factory floor, one of the women walked up to me to say a prayer.

It was Lola’s prayer that our work would always be successful so that she and hundreds of other women working in the factory would always be able to earn a living and provide for their families.

Each time, you buy our handpicked and carefully processed cashew nuts coated in traditional West African spices, you keep the factory open, helping hardworking women like Lola earn a sustainable income, support their families and impact their immediate communities.

2. It helps build Top of the Mind Awareness

An experiment in the office

3. It triggers a Sense of Belonging:

Case Study: Coca-Cola

At Coca-Cola, we want to create Coca-Cola stories and not stories by Coca-Cola. That holds true when our product is a character in the story with a credible role to play. There are four typical archetypes that we look to: object of desire, embodiment of an attitude, social connector, and functional offering or benefit. If you read a script or even partner-created content and say to yourself, “Can I tell this story without Coca-Cola?” and the answer is yes, then it’s a not a Coca-Cola story. — to read full interview click here

Source: Content Marketing Institute


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