IT Consulting

We provide consulting services to assist you to identify the technology barriers between you and a more profitable business, as well as recommend the best solutions. Our consultancy services are either as part of an end-to-end solution or as a one-off service. From requirement gathering to IT infrastructure strategy, we provide our clients with unbiased and objective views of the best methods to align technology with their business plans. We can help you achieve your business objectives using technology, in the development and review of your IT strategy, client-side representation, product selection and the development of SLAs.

Our areas of specialty are:

Digital Transformation Strategy – At Futuresoft we help you build out your Digital Transformation Roadmap. We empower our customers with smarter ways of doing business and frictionless ways of delivering a great customer experience to their customers. We bring years of experience across various industry sectors, as well as a wealth of experience in deploying digital technology solutions to the table, providing ways for our customers to maximise value creation across asset and operations lifecycles while improving profitability.

Process Mapping, Process Optimisation & Enterprise Software Integration – At Futuresoft, we assist you to define, streamline and automate your key business processes. Utilising the best-fit technological advancement in work tools to enable you model, monitor, analyse and optimize the most complex business processes.

Custom Software Development – We are highly experienced in identifying what is required from a business viewpoint as well as from a technical perspective. We can guide your business through technology change, providing consulting services for business analysis, systems analysis and operational analysis.

IT Security – By conducting thorough security evaluations, we can identify the security vulnerabilities and risks in your business operations. From Strategy through to Implementation, we undertake in strategic and technical discussions providing threat-driven insight to facilitate the development of robust security programs.