Using Chatbots for Customer Support and Lead Generation

  • by Orakwe John
  • Oct 02, 2019
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In the first part of my last article, I unveiled the power of simple chatbots, and how smart Nigerian businesses can use chatbots to instantly convert leads and support customers on Facebook.

Rise of the bots…

Now I am fulfilling my promise to share more information on how chatbots can completely transform the customer experience on your website.

Before we dive in, I’ll share a quick story about how a Chatbot literally helped one of my friends — Haida — convert from being an aspiring student to an MBA student at Hult International Business School in Dubai.

Haida’s chatbot admission storey is summarized below:

  1. So Haida was on the lookout for a great school where she could get a top 100 MBA Programme, and she’d asked me to help out.

Conversation with Hultbot — 1 (Opening Conversation)

Conversation with Hultbot — 2 (Ongoing Conversation)

Conversations with Hultbot — 3 (More prompts and Conversion)

Perhaps you are thinking now that Lagos Business School and in fact, all online businesses in Nigeria should have a bot on their website that instantly answers all your questions, right?

Now imagine all the people who visit your website every day but leave because nobody engages them.

Do you have an idea if they even got what they wanted or had questions they wanted to ask?

Probably not!

But you can now use a chatbot to solve this problem and make your website a more effective lead generation and customer support channel.

So, the real question is how can you do this?

To Engage Customers with a Chatbot on your website:

…Simply add a Facebook Messenger widget to your website and watch your website transforms from a sieve into a contact-collecting bucket.

Users will land on your website and instead of passing through like water through sand, you can capture the information of the ones who really are interested and engage them in a conversational way.

So, here are the steps to get a Chatbot set up on your WordPress website today:

  1. Install the WP-Chatbot plugin onto your WordPress site.

Chatbot Plugin for Websites

The chat widget not only functions as a service to interested website visitors, but it also allows you to retarget these same customers with promotional messages in the first 24 hours (plus one additional promotional message outside of the 24-hour window).

Although a lot of work goes into educating your bot to serve your visitors and generate quality leads, the opportunities are endless for any brand that gets it right.

If you are not sure how to get started, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to help you.


Orakwe John

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