What CEOs should know about going Social

  • by Nkemdilim Uwaje-Begho
  • Jul 08, 2018
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Meet my amazing team members where we offer a wide range of online solutions that can help your brand or business standout on the World Wide Web.

We just had our very first edition of Social Media Training for CEOs called START which held on the 13th of October.

START -the CEO Edition

START is (Strategy, Target, Acquire, Response and Track) here we talk directly to Chief Executive officers (CEOs) and decision makers on the need for Social Media for their business..

Funny as it may sound, most CEOs aka Decision makers in most business today still struggle with this thing called Social Media… some don’t even understand its relevance to them.

As my colleague Obasa Olorunfemi will say, Social Media in 2017 is still being referred to as “this social media thing” , “this Facebook/Twitter/Instagram thing” and this is most especially by CEOs who obviously don’t understand its relevance…

Social Media experts like myself still get questions like, I have xxx numbers of likes on Facebook and Instagram why aren’t all of them my clients… if only this people understand this things are not magic…

So our training was focused on this CEOs and how to help them strategize properly what their Social Media goals should be, how to know who their Target audience should be and how to track and merge their results through analytical reports and measure their progress on social media.

Which Social Media Channel should you be using and why… this is another major issues most CEOs struggle with.. Not all social media channel can work for your business and through defining your business goal it can help you decide with social media channel will be best for you….

For example.. I don’t understand why a Fashion Business will be needing a Google+ account? you don’t just need it..

This and many more we talked to CEOs about.. and it was amazing to hear what their thoughts were on this.

Most CEOs also struggle with where to place social media managers in their company hierarchy and how to put together the right social media team. Some think the idea of social media is just to rip them off of their money.. Lol!

Part of our training was to educate this CEOs on why it is important to have the right social media team, their key roles and what skills each team member should have.

Social Media doesn’t sleep! Our world is becoming more and more 24/7 and consumer behaviour is changing to expect round the clock services, regardless of the industry. What do you do to balance it all?

Anyways, this and many more was our major topic throughout the training.. including how to track, respond and turn social media followers to actual customers..

The next edition of our training will be on the 3rd and 17th of November and you too can learn how all of this works… simply send an email to training@futuresoft-ng.com

Wisdom Chapp-Jumbo is a Web and Content Manager, and a Social Media Specialist.. Connect with me on Twitter @Mr_wizzo and Facebook @Mrwizzoofficial

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Nkemdilim Uwaje-Begho

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