EdTech & the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa— tales from SMWLagos

Meet Adaeze and Aisha — they are 3 years old — it’s the year 2019 and they have never had any contact with any kind of technology. They go…
  • by Kenley
  • 2019.02.15

A Guide to Social Commerce Success for Nigerian Retail Brands

In the last 18 months we’ve seen the rise of social commerce features on our favourite Social Media Channels! We believe that social…
  • by Kenley
  • 2019.02.04

The Ultimate Guide To Optimizing Your Website For Increased Sales

Of what use is high website traffic if a good percentage of them cannot be converted to leads. So many businesses place so much focus on…
  • by Kenley
  • 2019.01.18

5 Digital Marketing Predictions for African Brands in 2019

It’s a new year and digital is definitely not going anywhere. Here are the top five digital marketing trends every African brand should…
  • by Kenley
  • 2019.01.10

The Best SEO Tips for Financial Services

Search Engine Optimization with the popular acronym SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of your website on search engines, such…
  • by Kenley
  • 2018.11.01

How to Drive Traffic to your Website Successfully

In this digital age, almost everyone needs to prove their worth online. From small home-based businesses to medium and large companies, you…
  • by Kenley
  • 2018.08.14

How to Use Earned Media, Owned Media & Paid Media to Increase Revenue

In order to design a robust multi-level digital marketing strategy and create a cohesive content plan, incorporating the 3 elements of…
  • by Kenley
  • 2018.08.13

7 Tips for Retail Brands to Increase Customer Conversion on Social Media.

The world today is a global village where communication is at its peak. With approximately 1 billion active Instagram users, 2.23 billion…
  • by Kenley
  • 2018.08.06

Digital Marketing Tips for Professional Services

Most companies that provide professional services typically do one of two things — They think that social media or any form of digital…
  • by Kenley
  • 2018.08.06

Buyer Personas, Buyer Profiles

How to Get In Front Of Your Ideal Buyer
  • by Kenley
  • 2018.07.25